Manly Pavilion

Built in 1933 by the Manly Steamship Company as a changing facility and tearoom for city bathers arriving by ferry, the heritage listed Manly Pavilion required a carefully considered and adept approach to its restoration and rebuild.

In reinstating the authentic soul and texture of this historic building we removed previous unsympathetic additions, then repaired and replicated the original features such as the tearoom’s original archways, terrazzo staircases, ceramic fountains, urns, tiles and bronze light fittings.


“Our team is looking forward to bringing the Marquee brand to Sydney while creating a venue with a distinct Sydney style and personality. It’s been great to see The Star unfold into an impressive casino and hotel, and now dining and entertainment complex, and we are excited to work with the talented Australian based team.”

The fun experienced in Marquee is derived from overloading your senses in what is the ultimate nightclub experience. Within Marquee there are three distinct places to travel to via the entry eclipse offering a full range of hi-tech and theatrical live performance and clubbing experiences.


Fronting a side laneway in Manuka with large format steel fire station windows glazed in bronze, pink and green tinted glass, patrons in this new wine bar and restaurant will see and be seen with rose coloured glasses.