Bulky Goods

This Bulky Goods building is comprised of 6 bulky goods retail premises with small ancillary offices located within the new Gregory Hills Corporate Park, Gledswood Hills.

The siting and design of the building re-enforces the street corner position and the pre-cast concrete panels gradate in colour across the linear fa├žade, punctuations creating deep shadows for glazing. The double height corner element is active and transparent while the rooftop offices are set back under a cantilevered roof element with district views across the rural valley to the Blue Mountains.

The development seeks to provide multiple compatible tenancies within a consolidated and centralised bulky goods retail hub. This concept is all about employment born from the Local and State Government desire for bulky goods within this precinct and broader Camden LGA. The design builds on the core emphasising operational efficiency, ease of customer access, and quality built forms.


Team + Patrick Nicholas, Vanessa Edema, James Ye-Won Lee, Yuking Jing Yao & Tim Lam; CGI image The Chamber.

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