“Our team is looking forward to bringing the Marquee brand to Sydney while creating a venue with a distinct Sydney style and personality. It’s been great to see The Star unfold into an impressive casino and hotel, and now dining and entertainment complex, and we are excited to work with the talented Australian based team.”

The fun experienced in Marquee is derived from overloading your senses in what is the ultimate nightclub experience. Within Marquee there are three distinct places to travel to via the entry eclipse offering a full range of hi-tech and theatrical live performance and clubbing experiences.

The main club is a “Tron” inspired, laser landscape with terraced platforms, LED DJ booth and operable walls, base speaker podiums and a theatrical Barisol ceiling lit by radial LED rings creating the doplar effect.

The Boom Box is a VIP club, an English gentlemen’s parlour overrun by punk rockers. On entering you are drawn to graffitied timber panelled walls and a studded DJ booth. The dance floor is surrounded by seating booths and the bar is crowned by a giant chain chandelier.

The Library is a Georgian panelled chill out area with an avant-garde reading list, city skyline views and a private room with fireplace and bar.

See it on Youtube.

Team + Patrick Nicholas, ICRAVE, SNA, Lighting Design: ElectroLight, Client: Echo Entertainment, Operator: Strategic Group

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