The Collaroy Hotel

This project is a rebuild and refit of the Arlington Amusement Hall, a beachfront heritage item built in 1919 as retail shops with first floor residences and converted to a hotel in the late 90’s.

The asymmetrical federation brick facade of the hotel has a majestic street presence while the new dining room upstairs has long views north past the pine trees to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

The new northern corner is built to withstand a 100-year coastal erosion event and the sawtooth balcony archways are newly glazed along Pittwater Road.  The interior design is relaxed and robust. Strong detailing is incorporated with natural materials and comfortable finishes as befits the beachside location.

Team AN+A Patrick Nicholas, Vanessa Edema, Michelle Lan, Andy Hills, Richard Lam, Henry Travers + Harriet Waugh (Harriet Waugh Design) + Ben Shaw (Brompton Group)

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